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Achievements and Updates Of Members

To succeed on our mission, we absolutely need whole hearted support and participation of the entire community. Your constructive ideas and volunteering are most welcome and valued in this ongoing process. We request you all to be a valuable part of this organization to preserve our culture and to march towards our common goals in unison.

NAMAM president Madhavan B Nair assumes charge as president of the Rotary Club of Woodbridge- Perth Amboy

President Madhavan B.Nair sponsors ipcna (India press club of North America) national convention 2013. handing over check to director Blessy.

President Madhavan B.Nair delivering onam message at Westchester malayali association onam celebration 2013 in New York.

Executive committee member Vineetha Nair delivering keynote address at Nair Benevolent association onam celebration 2013 in New York.

executive committee member Jayakrishnan Nair speaks at the rotary club of Woodbridge and Perth Amboy about game theory (09/26/2013)

Executive committee member Dr. Ambika Nair speaks at the Briarcliff Rotary club on ayurvedic medicine (09-19-2013)

Executive committee member Vineetha Nair speaks at the Woodbridge Rotary Club on effective public speaking (08-29-2013)

Executive Committee member Vineetha Nair wins GIA International Media Award 2013

Namam Kids Corner

" I believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way show them all the beauty they possess inside give them a sense of pride to make it easier let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be..."

*The song the greatest love Of all, written in 1977 by mike masser and Linda Creed was sung by the late whitney houston (released 1996) and went on to become a huge hit.

With this same spirit, the NAMAM family has a strong focus on our kids. We strive to bring them together with the same spirit of togetherness, of culture, of community, and of doing good. To do this effectively, we work to come up with high-quality programs that nurture, enhance and reinforce positive experiences that help and guide our children as they grow and develop into responsible adults. Sports and games, and activities such as karaoke singing, music and dance are for the enjoyment by all ages (from 6 To 60). In addition programs planned for our young ones include essay writing, public speaking; poetry and similar extra-curricular activities that are fun, and also very beneficial for their future to help them become well-rounded individuals.


♣   Rainbow Mountain - Painting By Megha Kumar, Pre-K
♣   My House - Painting By Sanjana Kaloth, Ist Grade
♣   The Rain - Poem By Rithika Jayaprakash, 3rd Grade
♣   VThe History Of Kerala - Article By Abhishek Hariharan, 7th Grade
♣   Onam - Article By Akshay Kumar, 7th Grade
♣   The Weeping Willows Stand - Poem By Srivarsha Kaloth, 7th Grade
♣   Fact Or Fiction - By Rahul Narayanan, 11th Grade

Your feedback is welcome. If your kids have A drawing, poem or an article and would like to see it published in NAMAM kids corner, you may E-Mail it to : KidsCorner@Namam.Org


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