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NAMAM or Nair Mahamandalam & Associated Members, is a socio-cultural organization that was formed in 2010 with the vision to provide a veritable forum for the preservation, integration and proliferation of those core values and ethnic blueprint of the rich heritage and lineage of Nair families originally hailing from the small South Indian state of Kerala, which quintessentially make each of us who we are and what we are. This virtual chord of eclectic cultural ethos has been extended through hundreds of generations of our ancestors in Kerala, and has amazed and awed anthropologists across the world for it's truly magnificent heights of humanitarian values. NAMAM, therefore, strives to give those of us who have chosen our domains to be in this part of the world, a sense of cultural identity and a way to pass this beacon of knowledge to our next generation, so that, this chord of culture continues to extend seamlessly. In this fast-paced lifestyle, most of us have found it hard to educate and impress upon our progeny about their traditional values, resulting in perhaps a sense of ambiguity for them as to their true cultural identity. It is not their fault, but due to the lack of a deep reinforcing cultural infrastructure: a void that NAMAMis striving hard to fill. Our primary goal is to stem such erosion and dilution of our heritage, among American Nair families. Our children should have the opportunity to learn and appreciate their roots, and we are here to enable and empower you, the parents, towards that objective. We owe it to them: it is a duty entrusted on us by our own forefathers. NAMAM's objectives also includes community outreach, with an aim to foster among members a sense of community service and social service to fellow beings, as well as to serve as a reference for anyone else interested to learn about us. 


 The mission of Nair Mahamandalam & Associated Members (NAMAM) is to bring together nairs and associated clans originally hailing from the South Indian state of Kerala, as well as anyone interested in their  rich culture and genealogy, and to unite them under the common and fundamental principles of providing:

 ¶   Cultural enrichment of their Nair heritage
 ¶   A forum for social and cultural activities
 ¶   Education to its members and, externally, to the non-Nair American community
 ¶   Cultural continuity to Nair children and future generations
 ¶   Political and media advocacy for the Nair diaspora and to become a resource for those recently arrived into the local community
 ¶   Social and community service to its members and to society at-large


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Namam Inc. P.O. Box 113, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-0265